Super Bomberman R Update Version 2.2 Adds Alucard Bomber And Three Castlevania-Themed Stages

Alucard Bomber Super Bomberman R Screenshot

Konami has released another software update for Super Bomberman R, that now sees the explosive multiplayer game on version 2.2.

This has added the new Civilians battle rule to the Grand Prix mode, three new Castlevania-themed stages and five new characters – Alucard Bomber, Caesar Bomber, Mimi Bomber, Nyami Bomber and Upa Bomber.

There are also new accessories to buy in the shop, you can now randomly select a stage to play, there’s a new Bomber Time, and some special abilities have been tweaked.

Super Bomberman R Update Version 2.2 Patch Notes

  • A new battle rule “Civilians” has been added to the Grand Prix mode.
  • Three Castlevania stages have been added where the new “Civilians” rule can be enjoyed.
  • New characters are available in the shop.
    • Alucard Bomber
    • Mimi Bomber
    • Nyami Bomber
    • Upa Bomber
    • Caesar Bomber
  • New accessories have been added.
    • Pop’n music
    • Polyhedron
    • Boat
  • The special abilities of the following characters have been adjusted.
    • Bill Bomber: Firing speed of special ability is downgraded from 0.11 secs to 0.18 secs per tile.
    • Max: Added the special ability ‘Plasma Bomb’. All abilities in ‘Grand Prix’ are also adjusted.
    • The Five Dastardly Bombers: Special ability bombs, has the effect of accelerating/decelerating explosion countdowns depending on skulls, illnesses, etc.
  • Added ‘Random’ stage selection.
  • Item locations in all Grand Prix stages have been adjusted.
  • Various other small bugs have been fixed.

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