Super Beat Sports Strikes Nintendo Switch On October 12th


Harmonix has announced that Super Beat Sports will release on Nintendo Switch next week.

The Nintendo Switch exclusive sees aliens from a musical dimension descend upon our planet after becoming obsessed with Earth sports, and, without any guidance, they attempt to recreate them.

Earth’s finest are recruited to test them out, competing in five sporting competitions and, as sports and music prodigy Lil Slugger, you will join team earthling to show the aliens how it’s done. That will see you look to set out to conquer a musical pentathlon comprised with five sports-themed mini-games with an extraterrestrial twist.

Those five sports-themed mini-games are:

  • Whacky Bat, where you must time your swings to the rhythm of the music to knock our your alien opponents one after another.
  • the competitive multiplayer ball-bashing battler Buddy Ball, where aliens will serve the ball to you at differing speeds with mines thrown in to catch you out.
  • Rhythm Racket, where you must protect your goal from rhythmic ricochets.
  • Net Ball, where you must volley the ball back and forth to the beat.
  • Gobble Golf, that challenges you to memorise musical patterns and swing at the right time at the matching famished alien to feed them.

Super Beat Sports will release exclusively on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch on October 12th.

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