Suda51 Teams Up With Famitsu To Publish Killer7 Spin-off Stories


As Suda51’s first game to be released outside of Japan, Killer7 had proved divisive among critics. It began life as part of the Capcom Five, projects overseen by Shinji Mikami that were intended to be exclusive to GameCube.

A concerted effort on Capcom’s part to introduce new intellectual property at a time where the industry was perceived to be stagnant, Suda51 and Mikami collaborated to produce a storyline that would work in tandem with the unconventional control scheme that the game adopted.

Despite being met with a mixed reaction, Suda51 once shared with Official Nintendo Magazine that he ranked Killer7 as his greatest achievement. More than 10 years later, he is set to revisit his creation.

The Grasshopper Manufacture director and game designer has teamed up with Famitsu to publish weekly short stories that continue to delve into the game, serving as spin-off stories.

These began at the start of January but remain in Japanese, meaning that we’ll have to hope that a fluent fan may take the time to translate them!

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