Suda51 Interested In Killer7 Remake


With a The 25th Ward: The Silver Case remake now in development, Suda51 was asked whether he would like to return to any other games that he has developed with Grasshopper Manufacture.

While indicating that their adventure game Flower, Sun, and Rain was ported to Nintendo DS, Suda51 admitted that he would like to “revisit and update” Killer7, that previously saw release on GameCube and PlayStation 2 in 2005.

“So for Flower, Sun, and Rain specifically, there was a remake that’s out there [for Nintendo DS]. But maybe in the future, I’d like to see it come out to Steam or something like that – that’d be really cool,” Suda51 explained to Game Informer.

“The thing about Killer7 is that, it’s not easy to play that game anymore right now. That’s definitely something I’d like to maybe revisit and update.”

It followed an elite group of assassins called the Killer7 who perform hits for the United States government and were physical manifestations of Harman Smith. However, a deeper conspiracy is uncovered in the role that Japan has in the United States political scene, as well as making discoveries about their own organisation.

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