StreetPass Mii Plaza DLC sales race past 200,000


Nintendo’s StreetPass Mii Plaza downloadable content may have only been available for a fortnight, but within the first week they had already seen sales of over 200,000 copies.

“…we felt that it might be interesting to expand StreetPass Mii Plaza by adopting a similar (competition-style) model that we took in the past, and I’m happy to say that the new StreetPass games are the product of our year-long preparations,” Iwata explained to shareholders.

“As you pointed out, we only started distributing those new games a week ago, but already more than two hundred thousand consumers had purchased at least one out of those four games by last Sunday. We employed no mass-media advertising so we think we are off to a good start.

“I think that products like these ones will provide new business opportunities for Nintendo in the future.”

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