StreetPass Manchester hosting Animal Crossing: New Leaf event


Manchester’s illustrious Kyoto Lounge will play home to a dedicated StreetPass event to celebrate the launch of Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Held between 11:30 – 16:30 on Saturday 29th June, this is the fifth official event organised by StreetPass Manchester, and will see competitions and events such as house judging and art competititons.

StreetPass Manchester’s 2013 Mario Kart season continues with the Flower Cup, its third of the year, whilst Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Nintendo Land, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Kid Icarus and Luigi’s Mansion 2 will also be on the agenda.

That’s quite a lot to cram into five hours, but an even most surely worth a visit for anybody in the vicinity.

For those keen to attend, Kyoto Lounge is situated on Grosvenor Street, Manchester, M1 7HE.

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