Steins;Gate Elite Scores Western Release On Nintendo Switch

Steins;Gate Elite Screenshot

Spike Chunsoft and MAGES. Inc. have teamed up to release Steins;Gate Elite on Nintendo Switch, the first visual novel adventure that has been produced through their partnership.

The game, which is told with English text and Japanese audio, has been fully remastered with animated scenes from the anime, to create a new, immersive experience. It follows young, tech-savvy students who discover the means of changing the past through email by using a modified microwave.

Their experiments to push the boundaries of time start to spiral out of control as they become entangled in a conspiracy surrounding SERN, the organisation behind the Large Hadron Collider, and John Titor, who claims to be from a dystopian future.

Every choice that you make will have consequences, shifting the world closer or farther from reaching 1 percent divergence, with branching storylines seeing you reach alternate endings.

On Nintendo Switch you can also play Steins;Gate 8-bit, a special 8-bit graphics and chiptune version of the game that was developed by series creator Chiyomaru Shikura.

Steins;Gate Elite will release physically and digitally for Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe in 2018.

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