Steel Diver was originally set to be a Nintendo DSiWare title


Whilst Steel Diver recently released for the Nintendo 3DS, it is well known that the title recently began life as a tech demo for the original Nintendo DS system. However, through further development the game had originally been planned to release through the Nintendo DSiWare service.

Such information was revealed within a recent Iwata Asks article, in which producer Tadashi Sugiyama discusses the submarine-based title at great length.

Regarding Steel Diver’s intended Nintendo DSiWare release, Sugiyama states “We began by making the game DSiWare, but we thought it had more potential to be something even bigger, so we decided to make it packaged Nintendo DS software for sale in shops. To that end, we began considering the addition of other modes.”

During the design stages of the game, the team had even discussed the possibility of creating a submarine version of Mario Kart, although Takaya Imamura’s idea was immediately shot down.

“I thought it would be fine to set the game in a flashy, glittery world like—and I’m not kidding—a submarine version of Mario Kart,” Imamura explained. “But Sugiyama-san said, ‘No’.”

So, it finally arrived at retail for Nintendo 3DS in the form we know it as today. You can catch our recent review here, and Steel Diver is currently available to purchase worldwide.

[Thanks, Nintendo Life]

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