Steel Diver: Sub Wars Version 4.1 update emerges from the depths

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Nintendo are showing how they are increasingly listening to their community, having today released Version 4.1 for Steel Diver: Sub Wars.

Arriving closely behind Version 4.0, this reverts submarine’s diving and surfacing angles back to how they were beforehand after players complained that they were unable to evade attacks as easily.

“In this update, after receiving feedback from many players, we’ve changed the submarine’s diving and surfacing angles back to how they were in Version 3.0,” Imamura wrote on Miiverse.

“We had originally adjusted the submarine’s diving and surfacing angles in order to avoid the problem that even when you surfaced to evade a torpedo coming from the front, it would still hit the back of the submarine as it came up. However, we got a lot of comments from players saying that as a result of this adjustment they can no longer evade attacks as before, or that the evasion techniques they have perfected are now useless.

“Based on this feedback, and after carefully discussing the issue and doing some more play-testing, we decided to revert the change. We thought this would be the best solution for the majority of players, and allow them to make use of their evasion techniques and tricks.

“We apologise for making frequent changes to the gameplay, but we hope you’ll be happy to hear about this one!”

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