Steel Diver: Sub Wars Version 4.0 surfaces from the depths

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Steel Diver: Sub Wars director Takaya Imamura has taken to Miiverse, sharing news that the game has been patched to Version 4.0.

And it’s a comprehensive update, delivering changes to diving and surfacing angles, durability, crew appearance and removing the need to use Play Coins when taking the Free Version online, among others.

“In Version 4.0, we’ve added the option to remodel any given sub on the Submarine Selection screen,”. Imamura shared. “For £0.89 you can remodel a sub to expand its crew-carrying capacity. Before this update, the number of crew each sub could carry varied, but now you can remodel any sub to carry up to six crew members.

“Here are some other things we’ve tweaked for Version 4.0:

– Submarine diving and surfacing angles
The angle of a sub when it dives or surfaces will not be as steep, which makes it easier to evade frontal attacks.

– Durability balance
In order to improve game balance, we’ve adjusted the defense strength of submarines with a Health of six or more.

– Crew appearance in single-player missions
In single-player missions, crew that you’ve already rescued will not appear, making it easier for you to recruit new crew members.

– Matched Skills Battles
Players between level 30 and level 49 can now match up in Matched Skills Battles.

– Starting positions in Internet Battle
The starting positions in Hot Springs were returned to the Version 1.0 settings.

– Play Coin requirement
We have removed the Play Coin requirement for Internet Battle in the Free Version.

– Bug fixes
We fixed a bug that inflicts damage on you when you sink an enemy. (Thanks for your comments about this in Miiverse!)

That’s it for the summary of the changes in Version 4.0. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy playing Steel Diver: Sub Wars!”

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