Steel Diver: Sub Wars trademarked by Nintendo


We know that Nintendo are developing a free-to-play Steel Diver title even though we haven’t seen it in action, yet it appears that it will soon be submerging from the murky depths.

A trademark filed by the company with the Australian Classification Board last month reaffirms the title’s online component, even if it doesn’t share anything much further than that.

“There is something we’re doing with the Steel Diver idea that I think is going to open things up with that game… It’s going to be very fun,” Shigeru Miyamoto had previously shared. “We’re exploring from a perspective of where we can take that from a multiplayer standpoint – it’s going to have this four-player battle mode that I think is going to be very interesting.”

We were largely underwhelmed by the original 3DS title, so we’ll be hoping that Nintendo can successfully build upon it.

[Thanks NeoGAF]

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