Steel Diver: Sub Wars takes a free-to-play plunge on 3DS


Steel Diver: Sub Wars is now available through the Nintendo eShop, the company’s previously discussed free-to-play experiment for 3DS.

We’ve known the title since the trademark was unearthed last November, although this is a large departure from the original Steel Diver back in 2011.

As a tactical first-person shooter, Sub Wars sees players challenged to commandeer their own submarine as they look to take down incoming enemy vessels across single-player modes, 4-on-4 team battles, and both local and online multiplayer.

Downloadable for free through the Nintendo eShop, players can use two submarine types, the early portion of the single-player mission mode, and the entire multiplayer mode, whilst those upgrading to the Premium Version will unlock the entire single-player experience and a larger number of submarines.

If that’s piqued your interest, then you can also see Steel Diver: Sub Wars in action below!

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