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The Outsider Beckons In First SteamWorld Heist DLC Pack

Image & Form Games has announced that the first SteamWorld Heist DLC pack will be called The Outsider, sharing that it will be unveiled at PAX East in Boston. That will be held next week between ...


Steam Powered Giraffe Discuss Their SteamWorld Heist Collaboration

Steam Powered Giraffe have taken the time to record a Q&A video, discussing their involvement in penning and recording the music for Image & Form’s SteamWorld Heist. That sees band mem...


SteamWorld Heist Declared “An Even Bigger Success” Than SteamWorld Dig

Image & Form has shared that SteamWorld Heist has been “an even bigger success than SteamWorld Dig.” While “very pleased” with sales numbers, the team have been elated wit...


Image & Form Pen Open Letter To Mark SteamWorld Heist Launch

SteamWorld Heist blazed a trail of glory as it boarded the Nintendo eShop this week, Image & Form’s 2D strategic shooter being met with overwhelmingly positive critiques – including o...

SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition Review Header

SteamWorld Heist Review

After handing us a pick axe we diligently spent hours furiously burrowing our way through dirt in the surprise Nintendo eShop gem that was SteamWorld Dig. But, rather than produce a direct sequel, Ima...

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SteamWorld Heist locks in December 10th launch

Image & Form are preparing to send us on an intergalactic adventure of steam-driven proportions, announcing today that SteamWorld Heist will launch next week. Set to board other platforms, it wil...


SteamWorld Heist purchase scores exclusive 3DS HOME Menu theme at launch

Image & Form’s ever-charming CEO Brjánn Sigurgeirsson made a welcome appearance in last week’s Nintendo Direct, taking the opportunity to introduce viewers to their turn-based strateg...


SteamWorld Heist “nearing completion” as new 3DS screenshots take aim

Prepare for boarding! Image & Form has announced that SteamWorld Heist is “nearing completion,” and will soon be sent to Nintendo’s lot check for final approval. New Nintendo 3D...


SteamWorld Heist to see release on Nintendo 3DS first

Image & Form’s Brjánn Sigurgeirsson brought his irrepressible and charismatic charm to Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3 this week. Having appeared on the livestream to show how SteamWorld Heis...

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