SteamWorld Heist to see release on Nintendo 3DS first


Image & Form’s Brjánn Sigurgeirsson brought his irrepressible and charismatic charm to Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3 this week.

Having appeared on the livestream to show how SteamWorld Heist‘s development is progressing, he closed the segment by sharing a key “reveal” in that their next game will release first on Nintendo 3DS in advance of other planned platforms.

“Hi there community, we’re very proud to announce that SteamWorld Heist will debut on the Nintendo 3DS and is coming to you this Fall,” Sigurgeirsson shared. “We’ve come out, and now we’ve said it. It’s the 3DS first!”

Players will take control of Captain Piper and recruit a team of rag-tag robots in SteamWorld Heist, which is described as being a game about space adventures and strategic shoot-outs. You can look forward to boarding enemy spaceships, on which you will command your crew in turn-based combat to thwart rival robots.

SteamWorld Heist will release on Nintendo 3DS later this year, with Wii U to follow.

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