SteamWorld Heist purchase scores exclusive 3DS HOME Menu theme at launch


Image & Form’s ever-charming CEO Brjánn Sigurgeirsson made a welcome appearance in last week’s Nintendo Direct, taking the opportunity to introduce viewers to their turn-based strategy shooter – SteamWorld Heist.

It was a chance to see new gameplay footage, as we learnt about how we will recruit a ragtag team of steam-driven robots to set out on a daring space adventure. Your crew can be upgraded with abilities, weapons and hats earned by boarding and conquering enemy vessels, with success in battle requiring skill – with chance to ricochet bullets to neutralise enemy robots in trick shots.

SteamWorld Heist will release in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS in December, with those that purchase at launch to receive an exclusive Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu theme for a limited time.

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