SteamWorld Heist Declared “An Even Bigger Success” Than SteamWorld Dig


Image & Form has shared that SteamWorld Heist has been “an even bigger success than SteamWorld Dig.”

While “very pleased” with sales numbers, the team have been elated with reviews and community feedback alike – noting that, remakes discounted, their space-trotting turn-based strategy shooter is tied with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate as the highest-rated 3DS game last year.

“So far SteamWorld Heist is an even bigger success than SteamWorld Dig. Not just in terms of sales: Reviews and community feedback are through the roof!” community manager Julius Guldbog shared on the Swedish developer’s website.

“At the time of writing SteamWorld Heist is tied with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the highest rated 3DS game of 2015 (not counting remakes), according to Metacritic. We have no sales figures to share today, but rest assured we’re very pleased with the numbers.

“Before our inflated egos won’t fit through the front door anymore we’d like to thank you. Without your support this wouldn’t have been possible!”

Image & Form also confirm that their first SteamWorld Heist software update has been delayed due to time constraints, which will add French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian translations.

We adored SteamWorld Heist, concluding in our review: “SteamWorld Heist is nothing short of a tactical triumph for Image & Form, easily ranking among the best games to board Nintendo 3DS this year. Steeped in strategic depth, it is the highly characterised world that makes it such a sheer joy to play.”

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