SteamWorld Dig’s Rusty to appear in Mutant Mudds Super Challenge

Nintendo Switch Lifestyle Photo

Renegade Kid’s Jools Watsham joined Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3 this week where he talked about his latest release, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge.

Players will continue to leap between foreground and background layers while blasting marauding mutant mudd monsters with their trusty water cannon. But this is a far more challenging take on Max’s adventures, inspired by Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.

Watsham also had a special announcement to share, in which he revealed that there will be 20 secret characters in the game – the first of which was confirmed to be SteamWorld Dig’s Rusty.

These are aesthetical changes rather than altering the gameplay, but it’s nice to see camaraderie among the independent developers bringing their games to the Nintendo eShop.

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge is part of this weeks’s [email protected] promotion, so be sure to download it and give it a try!

Alex Seedhouse
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