SteamWorld Dig Wii U release confirmed for later this year

Nintendo Switch Logo

Image & Form have shared that they have become officially licensed Wii U developers, and will bring their 3DS gem SteamWorld Dig to the console later this year.

“Wii U is a powerhouse, which is extremely cool. The Wii U GamePad and Miiverse are fun to explore but we’ve yet to decide on how we’ll utilise them,” they detailed. “Anyway we’re certain that SteamWorld Dig is perfect for Wii U.”

The indie developer promised that they will share more details over the coming months, such as a release date and price, and “other cool stuff.”

We adored the original 3DS release so this is certainly something to be looking forward to, writing in our review: “Long after you’ve scraped the bottom of this barrel, SteamWorld Dig’s charms linger in those carefully planned out furrows rather than its western-inspired presentation. For a game centered about hacking away at blocks of dirt, it’s something truly special.”

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