Stealth Inc 2 announced as a Wii U exclusive


Indie games publisher Curve Digital have announced that they will release Stealth Inc 2 as a Wii U exclusive later this year.

The sequel, which continues to expand upon the original’s concept, will see players return to PTi Industries to save fellow clones from human experimentation, freely exploring the facility, break into test chambers, and enjoy making use of new equipment placed at their disposal. The Wii U GamePad will also see co-operative gameplay introduced for the first time.

“We’ve relished revisiting the world of Stealth Inc. It’s given us the chance to really fine tune the Stealth Inc experience, while also hugely expanding it with the addition of a larger explorable game world, and a more involved narrative,” comments Stealth Inc creator and game director, Jonathan Biddle.

Stealth Inc 2 will release through the Nintendo eShop later this year as a Wii U exclusive.

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