Starlink: Battle For Atlas Requires 15GB Download On Nintendo Switch

Starlink: Battle For Atlas Starter Pack Box Art

Ubisoft has revealed that playing Starlink: Battle For Atlas on Nintendo Switch will require that you download an additional 15GB.

The Starter Pack for the Nintendo Switch version carries a banner that will be familiar to many, that reads: “To use this software, a download of 15GB via a wireless internet connection is required. You may also be required to create or link a Nintendo Account.”

It was revealed today at the Ubisoft E3 2018 Conference that the Nintendo Switch version would have exclusive crossover content, letting you take to the skies as the ace pilot and Star Fox leader, Fox McCloud.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide on October 16th.

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  1. Why can’t the whole game be on the game card? Ubisoft lost a sale bcuase of this half physical BS.

    • you’re an idiot

    • Agreed! It’s simply more DRM from Boobysoft.

  2. Same here, stupid Idiots. Way to go boobysoft. I refuse to accept this BS, will get it after it bombs and in the bargain bin, solely for the Arwing model. Lol. You software firms never learn do you? When will you learn peddling this DRM bull**it!

  3. On amazon the box has 10GB written on it


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