Stardew Valley Update In The Works For Nintendo Switch


Stardew Valley has now sprouted up on Nintendo Switch, and, having topped the Nintendo eShop charts around the world, many have started to work on tidying up their grandfather’s old farm plot.

It has also seen players report issues, whether that be audio crackling, items being unable to be selected in the crafting menu, and game crashes. But, publisher Chucklefish wants to assure everyone that they are hard at work on an update.

“Not sure if you’ve heard, but uh… Stardew Valley is out on the Nintendo Switch! Huge thank you to the developer ConcernedApe, the porting house Sickhead Games, the folks at Nintendo and our very own Tom Coxon for making Stardew Valley on the Switch a thing!” Molly Carroll, Chucklefish community and marketing manager began.

“I hope you’ve all been harvesting spring crops and having your heart broken at your very first Flower Dance all over again — but portably, this time!

“We’ve been keeping up with discussions about the game over social media, and have taken note of all of the issues people have been reporting. We’re working on a patch that will address the following:

  • Audio crackling – Some players have been reporting a crackling noise coming out of the left speaker on the Switch during gameplay. If this happens to you, try closing the application and re-starting!
  • Unable to select certain items in crafting menu – specifically, some players have reported not being able to select items on the bottom right. (For a temp-workaround players can disable the option ‘Use controller-style menus’ – that should allow players to select things until a fix is distributed.)
  • Journey of the Prairie King minigame A/B inputs are swapped.
  • Game crash when opening the journal if there are no active quests

“We’re sorry for letting these slip through, but we’re investigating and will provide fixes ASAP.”

Stardew Valley is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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