Star Wars: TIE Fighter and X-Wing successor was in development for Wii U


Within an article investigating the demise of LucasArts, Kotaku have shared information regarding cancelled projects following Disney’s decision to close the studio – surprisingly, one of which was for Wii U.

A project code-named Wingman was reportedly “going to be a Wii U title modeled after the old TIE Fighet and X-Wing games.” Sadly that never came to light, and was instead merged into a continual project to revive the popular Star Wars: Battlefront series of which you’ll find footage on Kotaku’s website.

Considering the abandoned legacy that Star Wars: Rogue Squadron left behind, it’s an inevitable shame that a seemingly exclusive revival for historic Star Wars IP never made it to retail. Though, even Battlefront 3 had been in development for Wii at one point apparently.

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