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Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force DLC strikes Nintendo eShop this week

Remaining a firm supporter of Wii U since the console’s launch, Zen Studios have announced that they will be releasing the first Star Wars Pinball expansion, Balance of the Force, through the Ni...


Star Wars Pinball Review

Ever since cinema audiences were first entranced by the Rebel Alliance’s plight against the Galactic Empire, loyal fans have become fairly judgemental as to how unsparingly used the Star Wars br...

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Star Wars Pinball finally flips to Wii U

If you’ve spent weeks dreaming of flipping pinballs at Emperor Palpatine’s wrinkled face, then Zen Studios will soon have you covered. Star Wars Pinball will soon make an anticipated arriv...


Star Wars Pinball flips to Wii U

Zen Studios last week confirmed plans to launch Star Wars Pinball this month, developed in partnership with LucasArts. Yet despite the recent arrival of Zen Pinball 2 on Nintendo eShop, there was no m...

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