Star Wars Lightsaber Ultimate Pack revealed for Disney Infinity

Whilst Disney Infinity fans are still awaiting the arrival of the Phineas and Agent P characters to expand their adventure, a rather unique Ultimate Pack will become available to players once they do.

Those that choose to collect all of the game’s regular figures, which is a financial feat in itself, and get them to at least bronze level statues in the Hall of Heroes, will then find themselves rewarded with a green lightsaber plucked from the Star Wars universe – complete with iconic sound effects.

The discovery, made by Sheriff Woody from Disney Infinity Fans, doesn’t require any Crystal figures, and has been met with a mixed reaction by fans who had expected more from such investment.

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  1. Now we are just waiting for Disney Interactive to announce Star Wars, quite surprised that they added this in so early on, I would of expected something to hint at Marvel Super Heroes rather than Star Wars.

    Either way, awesome!

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