Star Wars: Hunters Trailer Welcomes You To The Arena

Star Wars: Hunters Screenshot

Zynga and Lucasfilm Games have revealed a new cinematic trailer for Star Wars: Hunters, a competitive arena combat game coming to Nintendo Switch and mobile devices next year.

Showing the planet of Vespaara, the trailer sees Hunters from across the galaxy battle it out in The Arena. Those Hunters include: the shrewd dark side warrior Rieve wielding her red lightsaber; the Mandalorian stalwart showcasing his quick trigger finger and opposition to those who thirst for the dark side; Grozz, the Wookiee warrior with a penchant for disarming droids; deceptively diminutive Jawas with an arsenal of hidden weaponry; Zaina, the Rebel veteran who battles for honour over riches, and more.

Set after the fall of the Galactic Empire, Star Wars: Hunters will connect players in real-time battles across settings that take inspiration from iconic Star Wars locales. The experience promises to “bring players together to engage in thrilling, squad-based, multiplayer battles featuring a diverse array of distinctive new Star Wars characters.”

Choosing from a cast of “unique and idiosyncratic” new characters such as bounty hunters, heroes of the Rebellion and Imperial Stormtroopers, the action game will look to immerse you in fast-paced conflict.

“Today’s reveal gives viewers their first look at the Arena, a competitive, spectator stadium attracting Hunters from the far reaches of the galaxy to seek their fortunes,” explains Zynga president of publishing Bernard Kim.

“Giving a brief glimpse of the Arena’s high-stakes, team-based action, this trailer showcases just a few of the dynamic characters inspired by the Star Wars galaxy that fans will experience in the game. Our teams at NaturalMotion and Boss Alien are excited to show more updates and can’t wait for players to transition from ‘spectator’ to ‘Hunter’ in the future.”

Star Wars: Hunters will be available free to download for the Nintendo Switch, on the App Store and on Google Play worldwide in 2022.

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