Star Wars content teased for Disney Infinity in 2015


Disney Infinity may be all about Marvel this year, but it seems that Avalanche Software already have an idea as to what direction they will take in 2015.

That tease came from Avalanche Software CEO John Blackburn and executive producer John Vignocchi, who suggested that Disney Infinity’s future lies “far, far away.”

“Well I did my tease today. My favourite character is one that has not yet been announced,” Vignocchi explained to Newsarama when asked if he could tease any news. “It’s a female character. A Disney character. And we will not tell retail who it is for a very long time in order to keep it a secret!”

Blackburn responded, “I like your other tease better. ‘We can talk about the future, but that’s far, far away,'” to which Vignocchi added “2015 is not so far, far away anymore, is it?”

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) will release for Wii U across Europe on September 19th, and in North America on September 23rd.

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