Star Fox Zero won’t have online multiplayer


Star Fox Zero won’t have an online multiplayer mode, according to Shigeru Miyamoto.

He discussed the Wii U exclusive with IGN in advance of today’s Nintendo Digital Event, sharing that they were instead focusing on making sure that they deliver a high-quality single-player experience.

“So, we’re really prioritising getting this new game playing at 60 frames-per-second,” Miyamoto explained. “In previous Star Fox games we had focused a lot on dogfighting, but here we’re really focused more [on] the single-player experience.

“Of course, as we continue on and once people get a feeling for the game… as the process continues if we find that we do think it’d be really good we’ll definitely consider it, but right now we’re not.”

Star Fox Zero will launch exclusively for Wii U in Q4 2015.

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