Star Fox Zero teaser websites suggest Multiplayer elements incoming

star fox zero screen

We haven’t heard much more about Star Fox Zero since it was delayed to Q1 2016 to allow Nintendo and PlatinumGames time to spend “polishing the level designs and perfecting the tone of the cut scenes.”

But, new teaser websites have recently launched that have hinted at undisclosed elements in the Wii U exclusive. Going against Shigeru Miyamoto’s comments that it won’t have any multiplayer modes, Nintendo of Europe’s website indicates that the intergalactic shooter will support one or two players. Whereas Nintendo of America’s fuels that speculation by adding: “Additional accessories required for multiplayer; sold separately.”

There’s also mention that amiibo will be supported, which could simply refer to the Fox and Falco amiibo. But, Shigeru Miyamoto has previously shared that Nintendo has been prototyping a transformable Arwing amiibo.

We’re most likely to learn more in the next Nintendo Direct, which we now know there will be “at least one” before the close of the year.

Star Fox Zero will release exclusively for Wii U worldwide in Q1 2016.

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