Star Fox Zero Adds “Route-Focused” Arcade Mode

shigeru miyamoto e3 2015

Nintendo’s incomparable creative fellow Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that Star Fox Zero boasts a “route-focused” Arcade Mode.

That was borne out of the idea that players enjoy discovering new routes, and was chosen to be implemented after Nintendo and PlatinumGames had initially considered being able to tackle stages with different vehicles as an alternative.

“It has certainly grown bigger than originally anticipated, and it’s completed in an equivalent scale to the Nintendo 64 game or even bigger,” Miyamoto shared with Stack Magazine. “The use of the two screens has been improved and a training mode to assist with understanding the controls is included, so please enjoy the practice.

“Although we considered being able to play the same stage using different vehicles when designing the game, we concluded that the enjoyment of Star Fox is to discover new routes, and there is enjoyment in finding different paths even after completion. Furthermore, there is an Arcade Mode which is a route-focused mode for advanced users, so I am confident that players can enjoy the game for a long time. We hope that you’ll make time to play! [laughs]”

Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard will launch exclusively for Wii U in Japan on April 21st, and worldwide on April 22nd.

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