Star Fox swoops toward a return on Wii U

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Nintendo have announced that Star Fox will return on Wii U, with Shigeru Miyamoto at the helm.

The game, which is scheduled for a 2015 release, will turn the Wii U GamePad into a cockpit view of Fox McCloud’s Arwing fighter. Gyro sensors will help you target enemies, while players can switch between the Arwing and Ladnmaster tank at the press of a button apparently.

A helicopter-type vehicle, yet to be named, will allow two players to work together – one piloting while the other lays waste to enemies with a mounted turret.

“With Star Fox, one thing we’re doing is to make the game feel like you’re piloting your own aircraft. And so in that sense, probably initially one of the best ways to play is to have it up in front of you, in your line of sight from the TV,” Miyamoto explained to TIME.

“But also as I’ve been playing Star Fox more and more, what I’ve noticed is that it gets easier to play the game looking at the TV with the GamePad down. So as you get better, you’re gradually able to depart from holding it up.”

He continued to discuss the new vehicles that appear in the game, “With the helicopter, we’ve been thinking of the two-screen gameplay, and so that was one of the early ideas. One of the things we’re considering at this point is making the helicopter so you could have two pilots, two people playing together, and what that’ll allow is you could have one player piloting the helicopter, and another player who’s using another controller to control the robot.

“In the case of the Arwing spaceship, if you have two pilots, they’re most likely going to be sitting front-to-back, and you’ll have one piloting, the other able to look around. When you have someone piloting but someone else who can look around, what’s most beneficial to the person who’s looking around is the ability to look down below. In designing the Arwing we couldn’t quite think of a good way to have to redesign it so you’d have one player who could look down below. Thus we decided to create the helicopter.”

If there’s one troubling thing, it’s that Miyamoto isn’t sure how to tie together the

“Honestly I don’t have a clear idea myself yet, but one thing I’m thinking is that with this Star Fox we may take a different approach, so that rather than one big title we have multiple releases that are connected through different missions,” he revealed. “If I was to describe the Star Fox series up until now as being sort of a movie series, I guess I’d describe this new approach as something that’s more like a TV series for Star Fox.”

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