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Nintendo to release Star Fox 64 3D and Steel Diver figurines

Nintendo have revealed that they are to release a 3D miniatures series, due to launch across Japan in May. The first wave of such figurines will be based upon Nintendo 3DS titles Star Fox 64 3D and St...


Star Fox 64 3D Review

Star Fox 64, or Lylat Wars as it was known in Europe, is celebrated as much for being a key Nintendo 64 release as it is for providing some of the most iconic lines in gaming history (“Do a barr...

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Nintendo: Star Fox 64 3D has no online multiplayer due to “vast” costs

It was a disappointment when Nintendo revealed that Star Fox 64 3D would lack an online multiplayer, yet the company has recently revealed the reasons behind such a decision. Believe it or not, it is ...

Star Fox 64 3D European release date re-confirmed

Whilst we were already made aware of a release date for Star Fox 64 3D through both a release schedule and its official website, Nintendo of Europe have today re-confirmed when the game will launch ac...

Star Fox 64 3D dated for North America, latest trailer released

Nintendo of America have today confirmed that Star Fox 64 3D is to release across the region on Friday 9th September, breaking the usual Sunday launch pattern. In addition to such news, they’ve ...

Nintendo confirm European release date for Star Fox 64 3D

For those looking to relive Peppy’s infamous “Do a barrel roll!”, Nintendo of Europe have today dated the anticipated release of Star Fox 64 3D for the region. Having accompanied a n...

New trailers for Star Fox 64 3D and Paper Mario

A duo of new Nintendo 3DS trailers have hit the internet, plucked straight from Nintendo of Japan’s website. Below you’ll be able to catch the latest trailers for both Star Fox 64 3D and P...

Star Fox 64 3D features 3DS, N64 and Battle modes

Nintendo today held a retailer briefing for its upcoming titles, following which an attendee from the Tsutaya retailer in Shibuya has provided a few new details regarding Star Fox 64 3D.

Star Fox 64 3D is a “newly-arranged version,” with gyrosensor support

During an investors conference held this week Satoru Iwata, President and CEO of Nintendo, confirmed that Star Fox 64 3D is a “newly-arranged version” of the Nintendo 64 classic, further i...

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