Squidgies Takeover Splats, Pushes And Swings To Victory On Nintendo Switch This Week

Squidgies Takeover Logo

Giant Margarita has announced that Squidgies Takeover will release on Nintendo Switch this week.

In this puzzle game, you must help the Squidgies – “hapless little blobs of adorableness” – to conquer the galaxy.

Needing your help to escape their Momma’s tentacles to make their home on undiscovered planets, you will need to work out creative solutions to overcome each level’s puzzles.

With more than 80 levels to beat, you must swing, fling, float, splat, stretch into tubes, and make the Squidgies metallic to succeed – with the chance to combine some powers along the way.

Squidgies Takeover will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on November 14th priced at £13.49 ($15).

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