Square Enix Interested In Porting Classic Games To Nintendo Switch


Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda has spoken about his desire for the company to make as many of their older titles available as digital releases on newer platforms, like Nintendo Switch.

He recognises that there are younger generations that may have heard about their past games but have no means to play them on modern consoles, although adds that they must modernise them rather than relying on straight ports.

“One of our other big initiatives is to get as many of our past titles available via digital releases. Among the younger generations of gamers, you’ve got lots of people out there who may have heard of our past titles but have never had an opportunity to play them,” Matsuda explained to MCV in their latest issue.

“So we think that programme of porting and transferring the older titles over to newer platforms, such as the Switch, is very important. So that people get that awareness of our back catalogue. Just straight ports isn’t cutting it, we need to update those and modernise them to make something that works for modern gamers too.”

Examples of this stance can be seen with Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IX’s return on PlayStation 4 and PC, which not only saw Square Enix make graphical improvements but introduced new features such as the Character Booster that let you freely increase your HP, MP, and Gil so that you could simply enjoy the story.

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    1. I second that one. Such an underrated game at the time. If it has a bit smoother graphics in the battle scenes, it would be beyond awesome. They did re-release it once on the PSP, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, but so few gamers had that handheld that it didn’t reach a wider audience than the original PS1 game.

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