Square Enix Has Division Now Dedicated To Working On Nintendo Switch Games


Square Enix has chosen to dedicate a division to develop more games for Nintendo Switch, built from the team that has been working on the portable home console exclusive, Octopath Traveler.

“Square Enix has decided that it wants to focus on original titles for the Switch,” Square Enix division executive Tomoya Asano explained to Game Informer. “If Octopath Traveler does well and this is something that appeals to fans, we want to focus on Switch. Please pick up the Switch if you want to play games like Octopath Traveler.”

The team was established as its own division in April, and, when asked to clarify whether more games were already in development or if Octopath Traveler’s success would determine the publisher’s future support, Asano added: “There are several other titles that we’re currently working on for Switch. If you could just wait a bit longer, we’ll work with Nintendo and announce them in the future.”

As to when we will learn more about them is unclear, but, next week at E3 2018, Square Enix will hold their own presentation on Monday 11th June at 6pm BST (10am PST / 1pm EST / 7pm CEST).

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