Squad-Based RPG Battle Hunters Release Delayed Into November

Battle Hunters Logo

Phase Two Games has confirmed that their squad-based RPG Battle Hunters‘ release on Nintendo Switch has been delayed into next month.

“The old adage that time waits for no man is certainly true in our case, we wanted to synchronize the final submission phase and release efforts and felt we needed a little more time to coordinate that,” explains Phase Two Games co-founder Toby Charlton.

The Kingdom is faced with danger, the oldest and wisest wizard standing alone as the last bastion of hope to keep a nameless villain at bay.

You must form an adventurer party of three heroes, chosen from 28 characters that you will meet and recruit on your quest. Each character has their own specialised fighting skills and unique abilities, which you can level up and enhance.

Your journey will see you plunge headlong into dungeons, caves, forests and swamps, in heeding the call for help from the old wizard. That will challenge you to defeat the devious goblins, lumbering trolls, vicious gargoyles and unstoppable stone golems that confront you.

Battle Hunters will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 5th November 2020.

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