Sports Island 3D announced for Nintendo 3DS

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Konami have today unveiled plans to release Hudson Soft’s Sports Island 3D for Nintendo 3DS this June.

With the series having previously appeared on Wii, Sports Island 3D marks its debut on Nintendo’s anticipated handheld system, and will allow up to four players to participate in events that easily demonstrate the 3D capabilities.

There are ten sports on offer, including Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Snowball Fighting, Sumo Wrestling, Bowling, Snowmobile Racing, Sport Blowgun and Trampoline, with each demanding different skills from the player.

Events are able to be played by up to four entrants in either single or multiplayer modes, and adding a little competitive edge to the game are the addition of special power-ups that can provide you with an advantage over your opponents within each event. Described as being “Super Play” actions, these will allow players to hit their opponents with unstoppable moves, taking the form of over-sized racquets or a heavy ball in Tennis, “Cannon Dunk” and huge jump moves in Basketball, or a “Rainbow” shot in Soccer.

Players may also customise their team, and unlock new venues through natural game progression. The four-player modes are also facilitated either via wireless play or download, with a number of competitive modes offering the chance to compete against each other or work together in teams.

You can catch the debut trailer for the game below:

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