Splinter Cell Blacklist’s E3 2013 Scope trailer sneaks by


As Splinter Cell Blacklist creeps toward launch, Ubisoft shared a further trailer during their E3 2013 media briefing.

With the United States having a military presence across two-thirds of the world, a group of terrorists say enough is enough in delivering an ultimatum called the Blacklist. A countdown of escalating terrorist attacks on US interests, Sam Fisher must lead the newly formed Fourth Echelon unit to apprehend the terrorists in by any means necessary before the Blacklist countdown reaches zero.

Hailed as “the biggest Splinter Cell ever,” the game includes co-operative and multiplayer modes alongside its single-player campaign.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist releases for Wii U on August 20th across North America, August 22nd in EMEA territories, and August 23rd across the United Kingdom.

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