Splinter Cell Blacklist Uplay Actions and Rewards sneak in


Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist took pride of place amidst Ubisoft’s fairly stellar E3 2013 software line-up this evening.

Alongside this, the third-party publisher has now revealed Actions and Rewards for players to accomplish within their digital reward service, Uplay.

Completing Daily and Weekly Challenges will net you the most point, as you unlock customisable costumes for the iconic Sam Fisher to best utilise.

* Asset Retrieval (10 points) – Complete Safehouse on any difficulty.
* 4th Echelon Missions Complete (20 points) – Complete all 4th Echelon Missions from Grim, Charlie, Briggs, or Kobin.
* Officer of the Day (30 points) – Complete a Daily Challenge.
* Seven Day Duty Shift (40 points) – Complete all Weekly Challenges for one week.

* Exclusive Menu Background (Cost: 10 points) – Unlock exclusive Splinter Cell Blacklist backgrounds for Start Menu.
* Customisation Pack (Cost: 20 points) – Ghost Blue Ops Suit lights and $200,000 of Splinter Cell Blacklist currency.
* Alpha Armour (Cost: 30 points) – Unlock the Alpha Suit single player & Co-op torso armour.
* Raven Suit (Cost: 40 points) – Unlock the Uplay exclusive ‘Raven’ single player & Co-op Ops Suit.

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