Splatoon’s next Splatfest asks how you like to travel


Nintendo has announced that Splatoon’s next Splatfest will take place on Friday 9th October for those in North America.

Kicking off at 9pm, it will ask players how they prefer to travel – whether that be by car or by plane. They reason that travelling by car allows you to enjoy your journey at a more leisurely pace, whereas hopping in a plane rewards you with free snacks. Which will you choose?

“The next Splatfest is almost upon us! This time we ask: how would you rather travel, by car or by plane?” Squid Research Lab writes. “On one hand, you can stop whenever you want in a car but you also spend more time getting to your destination. Air travel can be a bit more stressful but you get free snacks!”

Splatoon is now available exclusively for Wii U worldwide.

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