Splatoon’s major update to launch on August 6th


Nintendo promised a major game update for Splatoon, and has announced that it will be pushed live on Thursday 6th August.

At a glance, this will add two matchmaking modes, new weapon types, more than 40 pieces of gear and an increased level cap.

Those matchmaking modes are Squad Battle and Private Battle, the former now allowing you to form a squad of between two to four friends before participating in Ranked Battle rule sets. Friends will always play together on the same team, and will battle it out against other squads at random.

Whereas Private Battle opens up the chance to take an inky plunge into private, customisable matches. Select your favourite map, mode and weapons before leaping into battle with between two to eight friends and teams don’t have to be even with the host able to select 1v4, 1v2 or any other combination of players for an added challenge.

The level cap across Regular Battle and Ranked Battle modes is also increased, with Inklings now able to work their way to level 50 as well as S and S+ ranks.

Players can also equip themselves with the bucket-like Slosher, which will hurl ink in front of you with an impressive range. While the Gatling-style Splatling will let players charge all-powerful ink, with a maximum charge being particularly potent.

Nintendo has promised even more free content beyond this, with the Rainmaker Ranked Battle mode, additional maps and new weapons.

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  1. I like this upgrade but for me it has killed the aerospray RG/MG as the ultimate weapon. Its range is just too short now. Back to the super squelcher – one of the few which can go more or less head to head with the splatling or splosher.

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