Splatoon’s first Splatfest inkstrikes Japan this week


Japan will be the first country to participate in Splatoon’s opening Splatfest, which poses the question as to what is the best breakfast option: “Rice vs. Bread.”

This will be held between 6pm JST on Saturday 13th June to 6pm JST on Sunday 14th June, and, once players have voted by using a machine sat in Inkopolis Plaza, their vote will determine which team they are assigned to.

Players will then take to Turf War to fight for their selection, which will see them increase their team’s overall rank in a separate ranking system. Your efforts will reward you with a temporary t-shirt that has three slots for abilities, with Super Sea Snail items helping to upgrade your Inkling’s gear.

The first Splatfest for Europe and North America will take place on 27th June, with the theme asking ‘Which music do you prefer: rock or pop?’

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