Splatoon’s first Splatfest delayed in North America


Splatoon‘s first Splatfest was supposed to take place between Saturday 20th – Sunday 21st June, for those in North America.

However, Nintendo of America have pulled the plug on their planned rave for Inkopolis, sharing that they are trying to resolve “a matchmaking issue” encountered in Japan’s Splatfest that affected online connectivity.

“Unfortunately, a matchmaking issue was discovered in the first Japanese Splatfest that resulted in long wait times and players unable to join matches,” Nintendo of America clarified on Twitter. “We have been working on a solution but will need a little more time to resolve the issue.

“In order to ensure that fans have the best possible experience and can enjoy the fun they’ve come to expect from Splatoon, we have decided to postpone the first North American Splatfest. We’ll have details on a new date soon!”

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  1. The date of the splatfest was scheduled for Saturday 20th to Sunday 21st, not Saturday 27th to Sunday 28th in North America.

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