Splatoon Testfire demo returns this weekend


Splatoon sales may have splattered past 1.62 million copies worldwide, but Nintendo is all too aware that there are another 8.5 million households with a Wii U that are yet to join the ink-based warfare.

That has led to the return of the Splatoon Testfire demo this weekend, which will allow players in Europe and North America to enjoy a taste of the action. This will run between 3 – 5pm PT on Friday 21st – Sunday 23rd August for those in North America, whereas those in Europe will have a little more time ink their turf.

Those in the region will instead be able to join one-hour Turf War sessions that will run between Saturday 22nd – Friday 28th August, at these exact times:

Saturday 22nd August: 7 – 8pm BST (8 – 9pm CEST)
Sunday 23rd August: 7 – 8pm BST (8 – 9pm CEST)
Monday 24th August: 9 – 10am BST (10 – 11am CEST)
Tuesday 25th August: 9 – 10am BST (10 – 11am CEST)
Wednesday 26th August: 3 – 4pm BST (4 – 5pm CEST)
Thursday 27th August: 3 – 4pm BST (4 – 5pm CEST)
Friday 28th August: 3 – 4pm BST (4 – 5pm CEST)

The Splatoon Testfire demo will be required to play, and can be downloaded for free on Wii U through the Nintendo eShop.

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