Splatoon splattering ink everywhere in May


Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct took the opportunity to show viewers Splatoon’s central plaza, from which players will be able to access all of the Wii U exclusive’s modes.

This will work similarly to Nintendo Land, with Inklings arriving through Miiverse that walk around and can be approached to share messages.

The large building in the middle will allow you to take to the four-on-four online arena, whereas a shopping centre will allow you to customise your character and equipment. There’s a weapon, hat, clothing and shoe shop for you to peruse, with three types of weapon to choose from – main weapons that are used to paint the ground and attack enemies, secondary weapons that provide support, and special weapons that fire stronger attacks. One of each form a set that you can carry, and switch between in matches.

Splatoon will launch exclusively for Wii U in May.

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