Splatoon leads Nintendo World Championships 2015 game selection


Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen and Erik Peterson recently sat down to discuss how best to run through their plans for Sunday’s Nintendo World Championships 2015, shared in a new skit released today.

Whilst the game selection remains shrouded in secrecy, we’re told that there will be eight in the tournament that span “some old school games and some current games.” However, Bill lets slip that the Championships will be “the first place that Splatoon is ever played in a tournament setting.”

Outside of that, we learn that Nintendo have invited Sinister1, Cosmo, TheMexicanRunner, Bananas, Essentia, Trihex, Jovenshire and Arin to compete, alongside the eight winners from the qualifiers held at Best Buy. While Kevin Pereira will host the event, joined by djWHEAT, Justin Flynn and Black Nerd Comedy’s Andre who will commentate.

The Nintendo World Championships 2015 will kick off this Sunday at 3pm PT (11pm BST), with a Nintendo Treehouse Live Pre-Show to start beforehand at 2.35pm PT (10.35pm BST).

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