Splatoon gears up with the Mini Splatling


Nintendo has announced that Inklings will soon be able to equip the Mini Splatling weapon in Splatoon.

With a shorter charge time than the inkier Splatling, this will become available in the Wii U exclusive from 7pm PT (3am BST / 4am CEST).

“The Mini Splatling has a short charge time and easy handling. Also, everyone knows that mini things are cute. Look at how cute that Mini Splatling is,” the Squid Research Lab exclaims. “You know what’s better than just a Mini Splating? A Mini Splatling with Suction Bombs and an Inkzooka!”

The new weapon closely follows Nintendo rolling out their version 2.1.0 software update this week, which tweaked stages, weapons and Ranked Battle modes.

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