Splatoon gears up with Carbon Roller and Custom Dual Squelcher weapons


Not content with only delivering Bluefin Depot and the Luna Blaster, Nintendo have announced that two new weapons will be added to Splatoon tonight – the Carbon Roller and Custom Dual Squelcher.

“This lightweight roller excels in the mobility department,” Nintendo’s Squid Research Lab shares about the Carbon Roller. “It’s fling attack doesn’t toss a ton of ink, but it’s coupled with Burst Bombs for ranged splattage. Throw an Inkzooka in the mix and it’s on like Crusty Sean!”

Meanwhile the Custom Dual Squelcher is described as having “range, rapid fire, and Squid Beakons to give your squid buds a place to Super Jump to. And with the Killer Wail special you can zone your enemies for days!”

Earlier this week, Nintendo confirmed that Splatoon had surpassed more than one million copies sold worldwide.

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