Splatoon Data Miner Uncovers Squid Sisters amiibo Evidence

squid sisters callie marie

Japan’s nationwide Splatoon Koshien 2016 tournament came to a rousing finale this weekend at Game Party Japan 2016.

Team Ikata Tama Kids reigned victorious, and producer Hisashi Nogami took to the stage to thank everyone that has supported the Wii U exclusive since launch. He expressed how he felt that the game has come such a long way, and that he was thinking about how he can thank everyone. While Splatoon‘s steady run of free content has come to a close, Nogami added that they may be able to do something more and asked to “give them some time.”

Thanks to data mining, we may already know what Nintendo are planning to do. Update 2.4.0 apparently added data for two Squid Sisters amiibo (Callie and Marie), as well as JumpingGuy and HammerGuy enemies.

[Thanks Perfectly Nintendo]
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