Splatoon adds Sploosh-o-matic and .96 Gal Deco weapons


I’m not sure where Sheldon hides all of these weapons in Booyah Base’s Ammo Knights, but Splatoon has expanded your Inkling’s arsenal with two more additions in the wondrously-sounding Sploosh-o-matic and the glitzy .96 Gal Deco.

“It’s range is super short, but it gobbles up foes in close-quarters combat,” the Squid Research Lab shares about the Sploosh-o-matic.

“Take them by surprise and there’s no escape! The Squid Beakon subs will help you get in there, and the Killer Wail special will let you wreck shop once you do.”

As for the .96 Gal Deco, it can be seen as “a more sparkly version” of the standard weapon, although the sub-weapon and special weapons differ.

The Lab writes: “It’s a more sparkly version of the original .96 Gal, but this one comes with a Splash Wall sub and a Kraken special to strike a perfect balance between defense and attack.”

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