Splatoon Adds New Mahi-Mahi Resort Stage


Following on from Museum d’Alfonsino, Nintendo has now added the new Mahi-Mahi Resort stage to their ink-blasting shooter Splatoon.

It sees players battle for turf around a hotel resort’s pool, the water that it holds decreasing after a set time to open up new platforms to leap on and splatter.

“Here, the turf wars unfold on floating pads in a resort hotel pool. Ninety seconds after the start of each match, the water level decreases, revealing new platforms to stand on,” the Squid Research Lab dutifully reports.

“What’s more, these platforms will appear in both Ranked and Regular battles. Also, I’ve gotta say, I found it weird that Inklings would have a pool at their resort when they can’t swim… Maybe the jellyfish use it?”

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